Daniel Huard 2021 Water Energy Expo Keynote Speaker

Humann Building Solutions is happy to share that Daniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow the Godfather of Sustainability has been selected as the 2021 Water Energy Expo Keynote Speaker.  Jose Garcia-Pineyro the event organizer provides “In fact The Godfather of Sustainability is somewhat of a fixture at our Energy Expo and Water Expo Conferences, Mr. Huard is one of the most distinguished professionals that I have met over the years”.  The August 2021 events as well will be the first in person collocated Energy Expo and Water Expo following no in-person events during the Pandemic. The Conference and Events occur August 25th and 26th, 2021 at the Miami Airport Convention Center 711 NW 72Ave., Miami, FL 33126

Interestingly Mr. Huard as well presented remotely during February 2020’s Energy Expo and as well for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 virtual events that we organized for remote/virtual access to share knowledge and happenings with our typical Energy Expo and Water Expo attendees Mr. Garcia-Pineyro added.

Our team at Humann Building Solutions are major supporters of inspiring rapid uptake of best practices in industries that address Sustainability, Resilience, Transparency and Wellness the four pillars that Mr. Huard focusses on in discussions that he shares in his Build for Impact podcasts. Daniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow the Godfather of Sustainability shares that the Keynote is titled “It’s a New Era for Businesses and Professionals: Are You Ready to Face It?” Huard a known expert in ESG reporting will share within his Keynote presentation facts and potential for our engagement with the Top 10 Current Global Issues (2021) including: Climate Change,  Pollution,   Violence,  Security and Well Being,  Lack of Education,  Unemployment,  Government Corruption,  Malnourishment & Hunger,  Substance Abuse,  Terrorism.  In typical fashion expect an impacting audiovisual presentation. Huard as well shares “If you want credible ESG Reporting then your efforts need the align with my four pillars from the start, your policies, procedures and processes must be integral to your governance “G” that supports socially responsibility “S” as well!” “We at Humann Building Solutions have long been known as being very effective at preparing robust LCA reporting for our Clients, Green Building Certification Standards globally as well as for various Governmental Agencies, do reach out, we can help!”

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