Happy Birthday National Park Service

Daniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow the Godfather of Sustainability and Principal of Humann Building Solutions shares today August 25th lets join in wishing Happy Birthday National Park Service!  The National Park Service celebrates its birthday on August 25 annually  NPS.gov Homepage (U.S. National Park Service) <<here is a hyperlink to the Park Service and the majority of the information related is shared within this post is from their website.

Its a very interesting day here in Miami for The Energy Expo 2022, presenting on Why is ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting Important to your Business Future. During the presentation I shared the image herein recognizing the 30 year anniversary of when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida on August 24, 1992.

Hurricane Andrew Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia “Hurricane Andrew near peak intensity east of the Bahamas on August 23, 1992”.

The majesty of Nature provides so inspiration and consideration about why we should be humbled by nature. Having experienced growing up surrounded by nature and biophilia in northern Ontario, Canada I had the opportunity to align with nature and learn many lessons along the way. Although I grew up in Canada as The Great White North’s first Native American LEED Fellow I have a deep connection to recognition of Native lands and even served LINNA advocating for Indigenous Peoples recognition for their part as the original stewards of our lands and how they played and continue to play a vital role in conserving our environment, ecology and natural landscapes.

The National Park Service started in 1916 as President Woodrow Wilson the same president memorialized at the Historic National Mint signed the Organic Act which established the National Park Service. The Natural Park Service currently protects approximately 400 unique areas across the United States totaling over 84 million acres! The Department of the Interior and most specifically the National Park Service team work hard to conserve, preserve and protect the scenic trails, open spaces, watersheds, and recreational areas within our national land, forests, coastal regions, wildlife refuges, and historic sites for us to continue to enjoy and experience. Huard the Godfather of Sustainability shares “I now live in Nevada mere hours away from more National landmark locations than any other metropolitan center in America. Our family enjoys the outdoors and get our National Park Passes so that we we have as much access as possible.”

Again, Happy Birthday National Park Service Learn how you can get involved at https://www.nps.gov/index.htm

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