Daniel Huard, LEED Fellow, PMP, LFA, GGA, GGP, GPCP, WELL AP, ASHRAE-ANSI CPMP-CxA Founding Principal, Humann Building Solutions, LLC

A lifelong learning proponent, Daniel has long been a sought-after Green Building expert. Daniel received degrees in Mechanical Engineering, from Niagara College; Bachelors in Architecture, Masters of Architecture and Masters of Urban Planning from SUNY at Buffalo. Beyond his professional degrees Daniel holds multiple professional accreditations: LEED AP O+M as well as LEED AP BD+C from Green Business Certification Inc. and was elevated to LEED Fellow in 2017, PMP from Project Management Institute, Living Future Accredited from International Living Future Institute, GGA, GGP and GPCP from Green Building Initiative, WELL AP from the International WELL Building Institute in addition to ASHRAE Commissioning Process Management Professional. Daniel’s professional expertise has contributed to numerous domestic and international High Performance Building, Sustainable and Restorative Development projects as well as international events including Greenbuild, WaterBuild, Living Future unConference, WaterSmart Innovations, Advanced Energy Conference, Energy Management Congress, CAPAC and Global Gaming Expo to name a few. 

Daniel Huard as Principal, Humann Building Solutions continues an ongoing commitment to mentoring, service and leadership having contributed to the National Fenestration Council, International WELL Building Institute, Association of Energy Engineers, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, USGBC Nevada, USGBC Western Regional Council and USGBC National and as well founded the Las Vegas Valley Living Building Challenge Collaborative serving as Nevada’s ILFI Ambassador. As a former League of Indian Nations of North America Ambassador to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Daniel focused on international sustainability programs, social and educational programs and native rights recognition and advocacy. On the experiential learning and mentorship front beyond being a Subject Matter Expert, Daniel selflessly committed to be Senior Mentor and LEED Project Administrator for DesertSol the UNLV US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013 entry where the team earned 2nd place overall in the competition narrowly missing winning the competition by 3 points. Daniel was sought out to assist teams yet again in the 2015 competition and mentored the GRoW Home team from SUNY at Buffalo who finished 2nd in the 2015 competition.

As a Principal with Humann Building Solutions, LLC, Daniel a Restorative Development Expert continues to actively work on diverse specialty purpose facility projects to program, plan, design, construct and deliver facilities and infrastructure as well as to provide facility and infrastructure legacy improvements that restore and improve these for improved operability, efficiency and sustainability. Daniel’s global project expertise includes office facilities, resort and hospitality facilities, government agency facilities, cultural – museum facilities, educational facilities, sustainable improvements to historical restorations, National Register facilities rehabilitation, Landmark facilities rehabilitation, as well as utility infrastructure operational facilities.

Daniel, an Expert in Executive Management, Organizational Growth and Corporate Governance was recently established as Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) with Sun Equity Energy, LLC who focus on holistic solutions for residential applications bringing the very best in Wellness, Sustainability, Energy and Resource Efficiency to their clients. In early 2017 Daniel was appointed CSO and Executive Board of Directors member of Design Your Own Bed (DYOB) a paradigm shift combining sustainability, sleep, health and wellness into 100% up-cycleable products. Daniel also serves as CSO and Executive Board of Directors member of V2 Energy Solutions, LLC an energy storage optimization company who have created a vast assortment of solutions for the demands for energy storage and delivery. Finally Daniel as well serves N2 Global Solutions the paradigm shifting energy management and optimization products company as their CSO and Board of Directors as an Executive Committee member as well.

Daniel has been active in Green Building for over 25 years, a commitment that includes his current roles as member of USGBC’s LEED Water Efficiency Technical Advisory Group, USGBC Waterbuild 2016 and 2017 Summit presenter and program team member, Greenbuild 2016 Host Committee team, NFRC Vice Chair, Director and Governance Chair, ILFI Las Vegas Valley Collaborative LBC Collaborative Founder and Chair. Past commitments to Green Building include: President USGBC Nevada, USGBC Western Regional Council Chair, USGBC NV Chapter Director and Executive Committee member for a term limited six years, USGBC Emerging Professionals Chair -West (South) Region, LEED v4 Rating Systems Regionalization contributing author, Greenbuild International 2013, 2014, Program Review Team and Presenter, Living Future 2014, 2015 Program Review Team, Living Future 2015, 2016, 2017 Presenter, ILFI 2013, 2014, 2015, 2106, 2017 Project Summit and Ambassador Summit, in addition to Technical Subject Matter Expert to the US Department of the Interior since 2009.

EnergyStar logoIt should come as no surprise that we collaborate with Humann Building Solutions a Nevada Licensed Engineering Firm to provide the technical services to accomplish Energy Star for Buildings Certifications. Feel free to call us with questions on how Energy Star for Buildings can help you today with your facilities transparency and reporting requirements, as well as compliance reporting for LEED, Green Globes and Nevada Governors Office of Energy Programs.

Daniel Huard has a great deal of experience with all aspects of Quality Systems having fulfilled leadership and auditor roles with various agency including NASA, General Motors, Bureau of Reclamation and the Las Vegas Valley Water District to name a few. These technical management services are offered through Humann Building Solutions, LLC by their experienced engineering staff led by Daniel Huard.

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