MDH Evolution Professional Project Management Services HummannInc Professional Project Management ServicesDAH PMI PMP Member CardMDH Evolution Professional Project Management Services continues to expand offerings which initiated with the 1998 founding of Humann Building Solutions‘s bringing the best professionals together collaboratively in the delivery of projects reliant upon their created Project Management – Program Management Office thus enabling  Humann’s utilization and delivery of Professional Project Management Services, Program Management Services, and Portfolio Management Services which our clientele depend upon the for exceptional and predictable project results.

Facilitated INTEGRATIVE PROCESS & Project Delivery Consultation
PERFORMANCE CONTRACT – 3rd Party Oversight and Verification for Financial Institution and Governmental Entity Compliance

The engagement of the firm’s founding principals in the world of Project Management initiated with the education of hundreds and hundreds of students formally studying bringing a Construction Project Management focus to Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, Business, Marketing and even Finance Students in addition to numerous Professional Organizations and Corporate Boards of Directors.

D.A. Huard Project Management ProfessionalDaniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow, WELL Faulty, PMP is a long term Project Management Institute® (PMI) Project Management Professional® (PMP) who continues to see that this tradition is upheld by maintaining an internal PMO® (Project Management Office). Within the PMO a larger Program of Projects can be prioritized and optimized utilizing the PMI techniques to compartmentalize individual projects, creating the requisite work break down structures, scheduling and then returning these defined element priorities so that the necessary resources are allocated to ensure project success. “It may sound arrogant yet the title ‘Project Manager’ is used far too liberally where individuals who are not experienced and educated practitioners are assigned projects to manage and do so with happenstance as their delivery model.” provides Huard a global authority with immense project delivery experience that exceeds $2-Billion Dollars of Development participated within.

Project Management InstituteThe Professional Discipline of Project Management began:

When President Kennedy established the US Space Program and NASA development ensued with a group of Engineering Professionals gathered to logistically create a process to put a maned mission on the moon.  From that beginning the profession developed and the Project Management Institute ‘PMI’ was born. As the profession  developed and practitioners gained more skills with applicable experience which continued to develop and implement ‘Best Practices’, the Project Management Institute as the professional oversight body codified and made these resources available to qualified practitioners. PMI provides “Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. It has always been practiced informally, but began to emerge as a distinct profession in the mid-20th century.”

DAH PMI PMP Member Card“We continue to follow the lead set PMI and thus Humann Building Solutions and will not assign non-credentialed non-experienced individuals as Project Managers, Humann Professional Project Management Services provides exactly the highest level of professionalism .” Huard explains, and further shares “This choice is not harsh, it is to validate to our clients that we have the credentials, capacity and commitment necessary to follow proven professional practices in the representation of our clients and in the delivery of their projects.”

Multi-Disciplined Professional Abilities

Daniel A. Huard, LEED FellowDaniel Huard affectionately referred to as the ‘Godfather of Sustainability’ by his colleagues provides “I have enjoyed my evolution as a Project Management Professional and Multi-Disciplined Professional by sharing my knowledge during my tenure with a large water utility, the U.S. Department of the Interior and numerous other global entities.  I was fortunate enough to be challenged to be responsible for multiple related projects which honed my skills as a Program Manager transitioning into a Project Executive running 17 projects with cumulative contract valuation of $725 million dollars simultaneously at the peak of my workload.

This rare proven ‘Program Management Ability’ is really an asset in the Board of Director(s), Executive Committee(s) and Advisory Group work that I do with many organizations.” When commenting on the progression as a professional Huard adds “In fact that experience over the years has seen me assume more executive roles becoming a Portfolio Manager responsible for selection, prioritization and alignment of projects and programs within an organization’s strategy.” Huard continues regarding Executive Management experience and abilities pointing to these facts as rationale of why he has focused to become very effective in Corporate Governance sharing PMI again provides “Today, senior executives and HR managers recognize project management as a strategic competence that is indispensable to business success. They know that skilled and credentialed practitioners are among their most valuable resources.”

Being perhaps forward looking Huard adds theoretically “If we are to succeed within the Fourth Industrial Revolution the organizational skills provided by our Project Management Professional approach includes the Agile, Adaptability, Alignment, Flexibility and Organizational priorities to ensure success. I work within our culture that has the four pillars that include Sustainability, Resiliency, Transparency and Wellness.

In closing Huard stated “Please do not be fooled by those who claim to know how to manage projects! Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss how Humann Professional Project Management Services will utilize and apply our professional management acumen to make your project a reality.”

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