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United Nations Sustainable Development GoalsDaniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow, PMP the Godfather of Sustainability has been very active with governance, advocacy and leadership efforts for decades so having the firm provide ESG Services should come as no surprise.  In fact the MDH Evolutions approach followed sees ESG Services offerings substantially expanded in addition to being much more comprehensive as compared others promoting being in the ESG space. Our co-founder Daniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow, PMP the Godfather of Sustainability has such a positive global reputation as an ESG Authority that following his work assisting with efforts for major Pacific Banking Institutions to develop Carbon Positive banking and presenting at COP28 in Dubai, Organizers asked him to keynote at the  ESG Asia Forum.

Most firms are trying to do a software calculations and looking for sensors to do the reporting when we really need to look to historical precedents to guide the efforts and adoption of ESG within organizations and individuals. Huard was quoted “… it is not about some computer accounting system to tally numbers. Again in my view ESG is really about establishing a culture of credibility, transparency, honesty and commitment.”

Huard goes on to share that his perspective on ESG is related to the main social goals and governmental policy oversight within accepted Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) in combination with the Professional Project Management focus on best practices, repeatability, accountability and traceability inclusive of governance adopting urban planning’s social learning process linking the community and region’s success to mutually beneficial benchmarks for Environmental, Social and organizational Governance components. This opinion is informed by Huard’s formal Masters of Urban Planning education his PMI PMP career’s Project Executive experience and multi-disciplined professional background. This model when encompassed, sees the ESG movement’s private sector being transparent with their corporate social responsibility as well. The ESG initiative according to some was launched by the United Nations which established the three linked priorities to provide management and market adoption encouragement. The ESG initiative is gaining acceptance from investment communities, governments, and the responsible corporate community as well, which represents more than US$30 trillion in assets under management as shared in Greenbiz in August 2021.

Huard as a past League of Indian Nations of North America Ambassador to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, focused on international sustainability programs, social and educational programs and native rights recognition and advocacy. This career commitment with contributions to governance adoptions aligns instinctively with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to protect our environment and the planet, improve lives by bringing an end to poverty, embracing access to equity and education for every person, on planet earth. The 15-year plan to achieve the Goals (SDGs) is highly dependent on individuals, corporations and organizations adopting a process to track, report and bring continuous improvement even incrementally documented within ESG reporting, 2030 is not that far away! We as a course of reporting actions, follow that good governance initiation and utilize the UN’s SDG as 17 cornerstone areas to report alignment, impact and progress upon.

Our founders have decades of service in the fields of Organizational Leadership, Governance, and Professional Management. Professional Education in Urban Planning with specializations in Community and Business Development augmented by global Project Management Institute Professional ‘PMP’ credential’s in addition to years of providing education, training and facilitation, we are well positioned to aid in any Leadership or Managerial need that you may have. Humann HQ at SunsetOur principals have served as Board of Directors and Executive Committee members, Committee Chairs and Advisory Board members for over 25 years within numerous Organizations, continuing to be globally sough out Corporate Governance Experts. On the Business Development front we are very adept at Feasibility Studies and Analyses to establish specific sets of goals, then conduct gap analysis to set baselines for measurement and improvement. We have on numerous occasions developed Centers of Excellence for Businesses then developed the Strategic Plans, Operational Plans and Marketing Strategy to communicate results to stakeholders and provide the path for Market Demand and Acceptance.

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