HumannInc logoOur affiliated Humann Building Solutions team continues to be a globally recognized premium provider of a Commissioning Services as well as providing a multitude of Energy Efficiency and Building Sciences offerings even serving on the DOE’s Building Envelope Team.

At MDH Evolution it is our history to ‘Teach and Train the Experts’ our founders have ongoing global influence in a multitude of professions at the highest levels and have renowned experience as authorities in Building Performance, Sustainability, Climate Resiliency, Wellness and Green Building. 

All respective Commissioning Services are lead by an ANSI-ASHRAE Certified Commissioning Process Management Professional, following ASHRAE Standard Commissioning Methodology in Guideline 0.2-2015 and as well incorporating the revisions in Guideline — Commissioning Process for Existing Systems and Assemblies. In addition the inclusion of PMI Project Management Professional assures that globally accepted PMI Project Management processes are implemented.

Additional MSD Evolution and affiliate related Service Offerings include:

Professional Project Management Services

LEED as well as other major global Green Building Rating System Certifications inclusive of their respective requirements for Commissioning

Comprehensive Investment Grade Energy Audits (ASHRAE Level I, Level II & Level III in addition to AEE CEM Auditing) with Benchmarking utilizing Energy Efficiency – ASHRAE – AEE CEM Best Management Practices – Planning, Documentation, and Opportunities Assessments

Building Operating Protocols Inclusive of Systems Narratives, Sequence of Operations and Facility Maintenance Policy Development complying with the most stringent O&M Plan Requirements, Environmental Management System adherence and Resiliency Protocols

Life Cycle Assessments and Analysis

Sustainability, Resiliency, Transparency & Wellness Facilitation and Management including:

Performance Contract 3rd Party Oversight and Verifications for Financial Institution and Governmental Entity Compliance

Tax Rebate and Regulatory Agency Incentive Submissions, and Compliance Administration

Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, Net Zero / Net Positive Energy Solutions, Energy Storage Solutions, Decentralized Energy Procurement Plans, Agreements and Investment Multi-Factor Viability Analysis