Daniel Huard and Earth Day Founder Denis Hayes
Huard and Earth Day Founder Denis Hayes

We Teach and Train the Experts! Our MDH Evolution Training Professionals have ongoing global influence in a multitude of professions in addition to renowned experience within very diverse organizational typologies.

Co-Founder Daniel Huard, LEED Fellow ‘The Godfather of Sustainability’ has, for decades, been a sought‐after Green Building Expert. Our MDH Evolution Training offerings parallel the MDH Evolution’s Consulting Skillset we bring to our Clientele. 

We have provided decades of training to literally thousands of other professionals. The initial offerings shared on this page include current high demand topics like ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), Carbon Carbon Credit Considerations, NetZero Applications, Wellness Integration, Leadership & Managerial Ability Advancement, Climate & Resiliency Response, Green Building Credential Training, Materials & Product Transparency, Professional Services Mentorship … and literally hundreds of other offerings.

ESG Mandates and Considerations

Our training provides an Environment, Social and Governance practices walk through and covers the background, basics, applicability, limitations and benefits of incorporating ESG Reporting and Best Practices into your personal and organizational skill sets.

SEC EmblemThe U.S. Securities Exchange Commission effective Q2 2024 adopted rules to enhance and standardize climate-related disclosures by public companies as requirements and in public offerings. MDH Evolution will bring our expertise and training for your organization’s benefit.  …  Learn More  

Carbon Credit Considerations

Our team continues to share our ‘Reality Check regarding Carbon Credits’ training for those seeking to know the truth. 

Learn the key differentiators between Credit types and how these initiatives contribute to make positive environmental impacts. Learn of the necessary changes to the minimum required documentation and how to make intelligent and informed decisions in your Carbon Credit purchases and as well in your organizational alignment with credible, ethical, recognized practices.  …  Learn More

NetZero Applications

These offerings are HUGE… Consider our decades of training provided to Engineering, Architecture, Project Management and Sustainability professionals as a start.

Select your training priority…. NetZero Energy, NetZero Water, NetZero Waste, Net Zero Carbon we have developed trainings on all of these priorities.

The list expands to include: Energy & Resource Audits to inform Operational Optimizations for transitioning to NetZero Goal Attainment;  Project Management Professional proven pathways to NetZero Goal Accomplishment  …  Learn More

Wellness Integration

Our team includes a WELL Faculty professional and we have been providing training on WELL since 2014.   When you consider who to engage for Wellness Consideration consider as well that one of our founders is an acknowledged contributing author of The WELL Health-Safety Rating Faculty members of the International WELL Building Institute.   

From initiating the basic Wellness elements into everyday activities and operations to  …  Learn More

Leadership & Managerial Ability Advancement

Our Principals have decades of service in the fields of organizational leadership, governance and professional management. With ESG mandates increasing required Corporate Transparency we have developed trainings to align our expertise to deliver on increased requests for Organizational Sustainability – Resiliency Plans and Training, Social Impact Incorporation, as well as Governance inclusion with Strategic Planning.  …  Learn More

Climate & Resiliency Response

Experience with entities like US Green Building Council, ILFI, IWBI and others, has provided long term global Governmental, Development Standards and Green Building Organizations education, contributions resulting in positive impact responses to Climate Change. Our engagement in educating within the Pacific Rim assisted with establishing operational and organizational parameters for Carbon Positive Banking. Pick the topic, the MDH Evolution Training team are your Restorative and Regenerative Development experts.  …  Learn More

Green Building Credential Training

ilfi bannerLEED, WELL, Green Globes, Living Building  Challenge, NetZero Energy, Energy Star, Federal Guiding Principles Compliance, Green Star, Star Communities … the list goes on yet we have been active in training for all of these  …  Learn More

Materials & Product Transparency

Circular Economy, Product Certification, Social Equity, as well as Manufacturer Advisory are in our wheelhouse.

One of our founders has been key in the development of globally recognized material transparency standards and developed the program for global recognition, expansion and alignment of that certification organization.


In addition we have long term experience in the contribution to the Health Product Declaration Collaborative for specific task groups as well as the HPDC Technical Committee.   …  Learn More

Professional Services MentorshipHDSHEC

With our vast experience in very impactful projects we also continue to be active in providing opportunities to individuals and organizations to engage in emergent leadership and development mentorship programs in the fields that we excel in!  …  Learn More

Why MDH Evolution?

Conference PresenterHumann Building Solutions was formed in 1998 to address the specific needs of several clients who were seeking to work with Building Professionals who would be their advocates and project managers to ensure that their needs were addressed.  From those humble beginnings as Engineering and Management Professionals Humann continued to grow and expand into new and aligned fields. 

With the formation of MDH Evolution we provide continuation with the ongoing Lifelong Learning Culture of our early days. Our evolution also requires us to segregate our business lines from each other to meet needs of our Clients and to as well clearly delineate the work we are credentialed in and capable to complete at the highest levels of competence and credibility.

The Verticals within MDH Evolution are Unique yet they all are interrelated and accordingly our Senior Staff includes Professionals that have Credentials, Credibility and Work Experience Globally in fields such as Engineering, Management, Leadership, Organizational Governance, Construction Project Management, Owner’s Representation, Materials Science, Building Enclosure Commissioning, Building Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning, Building Sciences, Architecture, Urban Planning, Building ASHRAE and Multi-Attribute Assessments.

Beyond possessing literally a dozen professional accreditations our staff continues to contribute globally to the development of Green Building Rating System Standards, Global Building and Energy Codes, Building Quality Validation Standards Development, Scientific Standards Development, Product Certification Program Development, Energy Efficiency Legislation Development and have contributed to so many industry firsts in so many markets.

Our Professional Expertise has contributed to numerous domestic and international High-Performance Building, Sustainable and Restorative Development projects as well as international events including Greenbuild, COP28, The Energy Expo, WaterBuild, Living Future unConference, WaterSmart Innovations, Advanced Energy Conference, Energy Management Congress, CAPAC, MiaGreen and Global Gaming Expo to name a few.

Next Steps…

Please give MDH Evolution Training the opportunity to work with you and you will find why we have so many satisfied and return clients. Select one of the above Links to see why we continue to be on the list of leading organizations of people to collaborate with. Developing and implementing integrative solutions is at the heart of what we do.