Humann Providing WELL Health-Safety Rating Certifications

2020 IWBI WELL Health-Safety Rating

Humann Providing WELL Health-Safety Rating Certifications. Humann Principal Daniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow, WELL Faculty provides that during his tenure with the International WELL Building Institute’s ‘Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections: Prevention and Preparedness, Resilience and Recovery’ the WELL Health-Safety Rating Program was developed. “I was very honored to be able to contribute to the monumental body of work that we developed to provide science based real world experience proven leadership to the development of Best Practices for the creation of the 2020 WELL Health-Safety Rating for Facility Operations and Management.”

Daniel A. Huard, LEED FellowPrincipal Daniel A. Huard shares ” I am really happy to announce that Humann Providing WELL Health-Safety Rating Certifications, is an obvious addition considering our expanding efforts around WELL adoption.” This Operational Optimization tool is an evidence-based, third-party verified rating for all facility types, focused on operational policies, maintenance protocols, emergency plans and stakeholder education. The positive assurances when properly implemented to provide a proactive and ongoing method to address Pandemics in our current COVID-19 environment and as well address broader health and safety-related issues into we expect to encounter in the future.

D.A.Huard WELL APHuard provides “My work with the International WELL Building Institute was already deeply engaged contributing to the standards and contributing as WELL Faculty to sharing knowledge and lessons around how beneficial adoption of WELL can and will be. I had spent the majority of March 2nd at the IWBI New York City offices in discussions on WELL v2 Beta with advisory dialog on how engaging we were seeing the standard become. I keynoted the New York Build 2020 Expo on March 3 where all participants were considering their responses and responsibilities related to the worries around COVID-19. A month later on April 3rd, 2020 I joined the IWBI ‘Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections: Prevention and Preparedness, Resilience and Recovery’ following several discussions with Jason Hartke the Executive Vice President, Advocacy and Policy for the International WELL Building Institute. Our Task Force was very inclusive, collaborative and possessed great depth of knowledge and experience. The task force collaborative response was rapid and focused on bringing solutions and measures which would help and I am honored to have been a part of that body of work.”

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