Humann’s Huard Shares WELL V2 is here

WELL V2 is here!“Humann’s Huard Shares WELL V2 is here!” Today September 15th, 2020 Humann Building Solutions Principal, LEED Fellow, WELL AP and WELL Faculty Member Daniel A. Huard was very happy to share this email announcement received.
The International WELL Building Institute provided the above image and the following content we are sharing was transmitted to us via email:

“Dynamic. Resilient. Validated.

WELL v2 is here

After two years of extensive development, application and review, the most resilient and responsive version of the WELL Building Standard is here. And we can’t wait to share it with you.

Today (September 15, 2020) marks the official launch of WELL v2 – and its purpose is more important than ever. Since the launch of the WELL v2 pilot in 2018, it has been market tested by more than 3,300 projects from a wide range of typologies representing more than 413 million square feet across 54 countries. The rating system has undergone a rigorous improvement and refinement process that included a six-month public comment period and formal stakeholder review, thousands of market insights gathered across two phases, plus feedback crowdsourced from nearly 600 leaders and experts from public health, medicine, government, academia and businesses worldwide, as well as the architecture, design, building science and real estate communities, as part of IWBI’s Task Force on COVID-19. Following this intensive review process leveraging the expertise of our professional standard development team, and a unanimous graduation vote by esteemed members of the IWBI Governance Council, WELL v2 has demonstrated it is dynamic, resilient, validated and ready to change the world.”

D.A. Huard WELL AP, WELL FacultyHumann Principal, WELL Accredited Professional and WELL Faculty Member,  Daniel A. Huard, LEED Fellow who was also a member of the IWBI’s Task Force on COVID-19 provides “This GREAT news has been a long time in the making, we are very happy ‘Humann’s Huard Shares WELL V2 is here’ today’s announcement is an affirmation of our contributions!” IWBI on their website has been amazingly transparent and openly sharing of information on the developments of the V2 WELL Standard and the progress made by the IWBI’s Task Force on COVID-19. There really is a wealth of information and education shared publicly. “Our team are seasoned WELL Educators and as additionally WELL Certification Providers. In this troubled time of COVID-19 reach out to us to learn of the WELL Health-Safety Rating that our work within the IWBI’s Task Force on COVID-19 help to develop.” provides Huard today. Reach out to us for any of your interests in WELL and let us help!

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